Pre Packed Nails & Screws.

Wire nails: 5" (125mm), 4" (100mm), 3" (75mm), 2½" (60mm) and 1½" (40mm*).

Ring Nails: 2" (50mm).

Staples:  1" (25mm)

Staples:  1½" (40mm)                                      

100gm Panel Pins:

200gm Felt Nails:

Nails are pre-packed in 500gm packs unless otherwise stated.

All nails and staples are galvanised.

Wood Screws

Wood Screws sizes: 4 x 20  to 5 x 50.

Box of  Screws 200 per box.

Wood Screws sizes: 5 x 70  to 6 x 100.

Box of  Screws 100 per box.

Decking Screws 200 per box.

Coach Bolts.

Coach Bolts sizes:  M10 x 65 up to M10 x 260.

Coach Screws sizes: M8 x 75 up to M8 x 150.

Coach Screws sizes: M10 x 65 up to M10 x 100.

Timber Fix Screws:

Timber Fix Screws:  6.3 x 100.

Timber Fix Screws:  6.3 x 150.

Timber Fix Screws:  6.3 x 200.

Timber Fix Screws:  6.3 x 250.

Timber Fix Screws are used for securing large pieces of timber.

Sold singly or in boxes.

Drive Bolts:

Drive Bolts: M10 x 80.

Drive Bolts: M10 x 100.

Drive Bolts: M10 x 120.

Drive Bolts: M10 x 140.

Thunder Bolts:

Thunder Bolts: M10 x 60.

Thunder Bolts: M10 x 100.

Thunder Bolts: M12 x 60.

Thunder Bolts: M12 x100.

Concrete Screws:

Concrete Screws: 7.5mm x 52mm

Concrete Screws: 7.5mm x 82mm

Concrete Screws: 7.5mm x 102mm

Thunder Bolts and Concrete Screws are used in all concrete fixing.


Washers are pre-packed.

Washers: No M8.

Washers: No M10.

Washers: No M20.

Post Extender Brackets

Post Extender Brackets x 4.

Post Extender Brackets are for extending wooden posts.

Met clips.

50mm Met clips.

45mm Met clips.

35mm Met clips.

Trellis Clips.

Met clips are for fixing panels to timber posts.

Panel Security Brackets.

To secure panels to concrete posts to avoid movement and vibration.

Balustrade Brackets.

Fixing decking rails to supports.

Ground Socket.

Support for fitting timber posts off the ground.

Chicken Wire.

Chicken Wire: 50mt and 10mtr rolls

Heavy Duty Shed Felt:

Heavy Duty Shed Felt: 10mt rolls.

Can cut wire and felt to customer’s requirements.

Out - Side Gate Locks:

3 Lever Rim Lock.

Heavy Duty Locking Bolt with 2½" (63mm) Shute.

Key can be used from each side of the gate.   

Metal Post Supports:

4" x 4" (100mm) spikes comes in 24" (600mm) and 30" (760mm).

3½" x 3½" (90mm) spikes comes in 24" (600mm).

3" x 3" (75mm) spikes comes in 24" (600mm) and 30" (760mm).

2" x 2" (50mm) spikes comes in 18" (150mm).

4" x 4" (100mm) Bolt Down

3½" x 3½" (90mm) Bolt Down

3" x 3" (75mm) Bolt Down

3" x 3" (75mm) Flush Bolt Down

2" x 2" (50mm) Bolt Down

4" x 4" (100mm) Concrete In.

3" x 3" (75mm) Concrete In.

4" x 4" (100mm) Repair Spur.

3" x 3" (75mm) Repair Spur.

3" x 3" (75mm) Post Extender.

3" x 3" (75mm) Wall Mount Supports.

All metal post supports comes in E. Brown.

Hinges for Farm and Entrance Gates:

Farm Gate Hinges set standard large.

Farm Gate Hinges set standard medium.

Farm Gate Hinges set standard small.

Farm Gate Hinges set standard large adjustable.

Farm Gate Hinges set standard medium adjustable.

Farm Gate Hinges set standard small adjustable.

All these Gate Hinge sets come in Galvanised.

Farm Gate Hinge sets do not including gate latches.

All these hinges come Galvanised.

Furniture for Farm and Entrance Gates:

Farm Gate Auto Latch.

Spring Latch.

Spring Loaded Bolt.

Spring Loaded Bolt Lockable.

Gravity Catch.

Garage Door Drop Bolts.

Garage Door Drop Bolts Lockable.

Throw Over Latch.

Throw Over Latch Lockable.

All these latches comes Galvanised.

Hinges for Garden and Side Gates:

Medium Tee Hinges: 12" (300mm), 15" (380mm), 18" (460mm), 20" (510mm) and 24" (610mm).

Adjustable Gate Hinges: 18" (460mm) and 24" (610mm).

Adjustable Gate Hinges Cranked: 18" (460mm) and 24" (610mm).

Hooks & Rides: 18" (460mm).

All these latches comes in Galvanised or Black.

Furniture for Garden and Side Gates:

Gate Auto Latches Heavy.

Gate Auto Latches Light.

Suffolk Latch.

Gate Return Spring 8" (200mm).

Tower Bolts 6" (150mm).

Tower Bolts 8" (200mm).

Garage Door Drop Bolts.

Pad-bolt: 8" (200mm).

H. D. Pad-bolt: 8" (200mm).

Pad-bolt: 6" (150mm).

H. D. Pad-bolt: 6" (150mm).

All these Latches come in Galvanised and Black.